Аренда вертолета, индивидуальные экскурсии, услуги переводчика | Компания «Прайм Яхтинг»
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Аренда вертолета, индивидуальные экскурсии, услуги переводчика | Компания «Прайм Яхтинг»



Charter of a yacht of a premium class is always magnificent rest, but the organization of such travel requires time and knowledge of a set of nuances. The «Prime Yachting» will undertake preparation of any travel on the mega-yacht.

We know that our clients are business and busy persons for whom a rest on a mega-yacht is a rare opportunity to spend time away from worries and to devote it to ourselves and close people. Therefore it is required to consider a set of the moments in order to organize a travel on a luxury yacht at the highest level.

We suggest to pay attention to additional services which will allow to make your rest as comfortable as possible.

  1. Russian-speaking crew member or the translator during the travel;
  2. Transfer by premium-class cars;
  3. Rent of a helicopter or of a private plane;
  4. Individual and unique excursions;
  5. Booking of tickets, hotels, registration of insurance.

Premium-class interpreter on a mega-yacht

The most popular region for the charter of mega-yachts is considered to be the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean region. These yacht directions are the most popular among fans of journeys on magnificent yachts.

In Europe yachting and coastal infrastructure is very developed therefore it would be appropriate to combine rest on a VIP-yacht with walks in areas of the country where You decided to charter a yacht. In this case, the presence of an interpreter onboard the vessel will be the optimal solution.

If You decided to rent a yacht for business meetings or business negotiations, the professional interpreter will become Your irreplaceable assistant for the documentation translations or the simultaneous interpretation.

We work with reliable agencies, so we can guarantee a high qualification of the specialists with knowledge of any language provided by our company.

Transfer on luxury cars

The transfer is perhaps one of the main elements of comfortable rest. No matter how comfortable and speedy may be flights, they can often cause fatigue, and moving from the airport to your yacht may demand additional forces. For this reason we offer a transfer service on luxury cars.

All our drivers perfectly know yacht regions, the fastest and the most comfortable ways to any marina.

Transfers by premium-class cars will become a guarantee that Your trip will be as comfortable as possible.

Organization of Individual and unique excursions

If you chose elite rest on a magnificent yacht, then we advise to treat yourself with individual excursions on the territory of the country where will take place your travel on a yacht.

Specialists of the «Prime Yachting» will not only advise you properly checked yachts, but also will tell about sights of any sailing region of our planet.

For this reason, having addressed us for the organization of an individual excursion – whether it would be visiting of a Museum with a personal guide, scuba diving accompanied by a private instructor, climbing a mountain with a qualified mountain climber – we guarantee you the organization of really interesting and exclusive excursion program which will become bright recollection of your journey.

We offer only high quality private tours. After all, it is so exciting to constantly discover something new and unknown!

Rent of a helicopter or of a private plane

When you may need to rent a helicopter or a plane during Your holiday on a yacht?

The charter of air transport is a convenient and quick way to get from a yacht to a shore if it is far out at sea, or if you wish to get to your vessel bypassing the land transfer.

Rent of a helicopter – perhaps the most comfortable form of transport that can deliver to the yacht Your guests or business partners for meetings or negotiations. The majority of mega-yachts have helipads therefore it will cause no difficulties to use such service.

The benefit of the plane charter for Your delivery to a rented mega-yacht is obvious - it is a guarantee of comfortable flight during which you will not have to waste your time waiting for the departure or to adjust to the schedule of regular flights. Your route will not have connecting stops and will be direct. This is especially relevant for rest on a super-yacht in the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia.

We guarantee You individual service by experienced pilots and stewards who will take care of the comfort and safety of Your trip. Charter of a plane or helicopter will make Your trip flexible and convenient.

Booking of tickets, hotels, registration of insurance

Besides, the «Prime Yachting» provides services of booking of air tickets to all world destinations. We are always ready to pick up the most convenient and comfortable route for you. Also we will help you to book luxury apartments and to arrange medical insurance for your travel on a yacht.

We constantly study interests of our clients and partners and are ready to propose the most extraordinary solutions for your rest on a mega-yacht. The maximum of attention and individual approach to each client is the principle of work of the whole «Prime Yachting» team!

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