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Отзывы клиентов




I liked the idea of gathering friends to rent a yacht, because I'm crazy about nautical theme, who knows, he will understand. The captain was a wonderful person and of course great specialist in his professional case, you should have seen how he worked with a small boat. There were only five of us, but yacht Ammos is designed for six guests onboard, so we all spent time comfortably. I felt myself the most commodious, because I was without a pair. The yacht inside, of course, was very comfortable: comfortable beds, air conditioning, beautiful decoration - and such gorgeous sailing cannot be compared with dreary and drab leisure that offer hotels. Especially I noted friendly people around...



It was not my first vacation on the yacht, and this time it took place in the Mediterranean. The company is worthy: the level of the organization was rather high - everything was very good, and we didn’t even expect any discomfort. Well, except for the seasick of one of our friends, but she felt bad even from a glance on the water. The motion of the Roma yacht is smooth; cabins are comfortable and are furnished in a good style... Men mostly enjoyed fishing (all equipment was on the boat), kids had fun on bananas and with other water entertainment equipment during our stops. Well, champagne and wonderful view of the Greek islands – an astounding relax!

Ekaterina B.


We rented a motor yacht in Cyprus and got an unforgettable rest. I have never been on the yacht that is why I entrusted the choice of the bout to my husband. It's just a complete blackout from the urban bustle... We got a special drive from water skiing: absolutely new feelings. There still were other entertainments, we also tried water bike and swimming with a snorkel (all equipment was provided on the yacht). We were lucky to see the underwater world in all its beauty. We are very satisfied, and recommend such type of rest to everyone!

Dmitry Pavlov


My friends and I thought that it would be nice to have a rest with our families on a yacht, and we chose the motor sailer Matina. It perfectly moved at speed, but went smoothly... Everyone was happy; we had a lot of things to do - even tried sailing. In addition to special equipment for diving there also was special equipment for fishing. In the evenings we had a barbecue... Special thanks to the crew, in spite there were only five people; they worked like there were fifteen of them.



I always wished to go sailing to the Mediterranean Sea; it's still a completely different level than at home in the "pool". Summer, sun, sea – the beauty is indescribable, it is impossible to convey in words. There were four of us men plus three crew members, the yacht Atalante. Our stay was really comfortable: cozy beds, air-conditioning. We tried to sail ourselves and got priceless experience. It is unlikely that now I would prefer futile rest in a hotel

Irina, Moscow

September 2016

Charter of the motor sailer QUINTA SANTA MARIA, route Monaco - Saint-Tropez - Monaco.

Thank you, our rest was above and beyond. The boat turned out to appear better than we thought. The crew was very professional and friendly. We received an unexpectedly high level of service. We were surprised by such low fuel consumption, with such active movement. In addition, at the end of the charter the crew brought us stuff that we left onboard. Thanks again, it was our first but surely not the last experience with your company.

Alexey, Uzbekistan

July 2016

Charter of the motor yacht Espresso in Greece.

Thank you, everything was remarkably. Surprisingly, that charter of a 40-metre yacht was arranged in 3 days, while the yacht was in excellent condition, the crew was well-organized, the cook was skillful. Especially we loved Mykonos, and at the end of the trip we decided to extend the holiday and spent there few extra days to hang out.


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