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There are two systems of the yacht charter with a crew and payment:

  • The standard system of rent: the rental price + VAT (if required) + APA-Deposit - spread throughout the world;
  • The "all inclusive" system - no more than 7% of all charters. This system is most common in countries where there may be problems with purchase of provisions during the travel - the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Maldives, Seychelles, and Indonesia. Usually in these countries are used both the first and the second systems of charter for different yachts.

The standard system of rent: the rental price + VAT (if required) + APA-Deposit:

After choosing the yacht, we move to the stage of preparation and conclusion of the MYBA contract. The MYBA contract shall include all the necessary conditions and information about the boat: name, flag, port of registry and type, start and end dates of the rental, the country and the port of origin and of the end of the charter, owner, management company, the client and the broker, the cost of rent + extra costs.

Usually the charter cost includes:

  1. rent of a yacht for the agreed term;
  2. services of crew for the duration of the charter;
  3. Insurance of a yacht and its passengers.

Usually the extra costs are:

  1. The VAT - the amount depends on the country of charter and the route.
  2. Thus, in France and Italy, the VAT will be cut almost twice, if the route is exit from the territorial waters (12 miles) of the country start/end of the charter. For example: the VAT depends on the route. The standard amount of VAT is 20% when you sail only in France. However, if you leave France and go to the international waters, departed more than 12 miles from shore, and finish the Charter in Italy - will be 10% VAT. This criterion suits a Monaco – Sardinia route which is quite popular among lovers of yachting.

    The same situation is with the route from Italy (Sardinia). Its standard VAT makes 22%, but it decreases almost three times, if you go into international waters - 6.6%. It is possible for example to plan the following route Sardinia (Italy) - Corsica (France) - Sardinia (Italy).

    An important condition - it is necessary to be in the international and territorial waters of another state, not for a short term. For example, you cannot go out from France for a day and then go back and walk around the country.

  3. The APA-deposit - usually constitutes 30% of the cost of the yacht charter and is spent on actual expenses: fuel, parking, food, drinks, etc. At the end of the charter captain makes the final financial report attaching receipts, and provides it to the client.
  4. Then:

    1. in case of a remaining balance of the deposit available to a captain, the funds are returned to the client immediately;
    2. in case of a remaining balance of the deposit of a larger amount, than is available to a captain, the funds are transferred to the Bank account of the client;
    3. in case of shortage of the deposit (it is rare case that usually happens in long routes) - client is asked to pay extra. However, usually the need of paying extra charges is reported to client in advance.
  5. Delivery of a yacht or a one way fee - is used when the client wishes to begin/end a charter not in the base port of the yacht.

System "all inclusive"

Usually, the "all inclusive" system cost includes:

  1. yacht rental;
  2. services of a crew;
  3. three meals a day with non-alcoholic and local alcoholic beverages;
  4. fuel.

The cost does not include:

  1. alcoholic drinks of a premium-segment;
  2. transfers and tickets;
  3. excursions
  4. tips for a crew, etc.

The "all inclusive" system cost has several indicators depending on the number of guests.

Special offers on the yacht charter

Special discounts for our clients - a large number of bookings and the excellent relations with many managing companies of the world allow us to offer special prices for the most pleasant yacht for our clients. Practically always we have an opportunity to rent yachts for our clients at a discount of at least 5%. The maximum discount in the history of our company amounted to 60% of original rental cost.

Payment procedure

After approval of all the conditions (usually not more than 7 days), the contract is signed by all parties, then the payment is carried out in the following order:

  1. 50% of rental cost - when booking a yacht;
  2. 50% + VAT + APA-deposit - one month before the start of your charter.

Contract MYBA.

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