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Аренда яхты в Малайзии

General information about the yacht charter in Malaysia

The best time for sailing

from November to April



The average temperature

+ 23 °С


Malaysian Ringgit (RM)

The average temperature on the coast

+ 27°С


Visa not required

The average water temperature

+ 24°С

Prevailing wind


Malaysia is a Paradise, located in South-East Asia. Washed by the South China Sea, Malaysia will be a great choice to rent a luxury yacht.

Malaysia is a country of two cultures, wonderfully combining the ancient and the modern.

Here everyone will be able to choose pleasant rest: to plunge into the modern noisy city of a continental part of the state or to go to the islands which kept all the charm of untouched nature.

In the capital You will find the best restaurants of Michelin red Guide, you will be able to glance in boutiques of famous designers and to enjoy noisy parties in the best clubs of the country.

Fans of quiet rest are expected by endless beaches, rainforests and azure bays of a coastal zone of the island.

Festivals, holidays, historical sights, noise of night clubs and silence of the surfs on the sandy beaches - all this will help you to spend a luxurious vacation in hospitable Malaysia.


Renting a luxury yacht, you will be able not only to spend a vacation with taste, but also to visit the most famous regattas of Malaysia: The Royal Langkawi International Regatta, The Borneo International Yachting Challenge and The Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta.

The magnificent show, huge number of different vessels and the spirit of competition will not leave indifferent even the beginning yachtsmen. And the most courageous will be able to participate in a competition and to fight for the title of champion.

Active rest and entertainments

Malaysia wonderfully preserved areas of ancient and modern life. Here you will be able to find the whole streets of markets and shops with souvenirs and various goods. So, Langkawi for many centuries is a free trade zone where you will have an opportunity to buy rare souvenirs and spices.

In the city of Kuala Lumpur lovers of active rest will enjoy the VIP-nightclubs, fairy parties, cabarets and trendy bars with karaoke.

Renting a luxury yacht You will be able to choose the routes of your journey and to spend time away from the noise and lights of the city. It's so nice to sunbathe on the deck or to fish aboard Your premium-class yacht. And a bit later to go ashore and have a picnic on one of the luxury beaches of the Islands of Malaysia.

Active and beach rest in Malaysia will become a pearl of your holiday.

Diving, windsurfing, water skiing, fishing and even skydiving can help You to spend really sports vacation.

National cuisine

Malaysian national cuisine includes the best secrets and traditions of the Chinese, Indian, Thai and many other cultures.

In the best Michelin restaurants in Malaysia, You can enjoy not only a delicious culinary delights, piquant spiced but also to estimate a high quality service.

Fine wines, national tuak, seafood and rice cooked in the best traditions will leave "delicious memories" of modern Malaysia.

Traveling on a luxury yacht you will get an opportunity to get acquainted with cultural heritage of the country and its traditions.

So, you will be able to plunge into the ancient history and to explore the historical sights of Malaysia.

On the territory of the tropical jungle and limestone cliffs settled down the famous Niah National Park. This place got the name thanks to the eponymous caves where were found traces of early human settlement.

And the most courageous travelers will be able to visit the Sky Bridge Langkawi. This amazing survey platform will open for you all the beauty of tops of the Ganung Mountain, a charm of the azure sea and magnificent tropical vegetation.

Traveling on the yacht, surely glance to the Emerald Bay. The coastal zone of the Emerald Bay is included in the top of the hundred best beaches of the world and strikes with its beauty. And in the Datai Bay located in the northern part of the island you will be able to hide in lush tropics, densely surrounding the snow-white beach and to spend a vacation of your dream.

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