Products and cookery on a yacht
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Products and cookery on a yacht


Cooking on a cruise on your own or using the services of a cook is an individual decision. Both options have their own advantages. If you decide to manage the process of cooking on your own, it's worth to consider some of the shades. Food and kitchen on the boat are not much different from the traditional ones. Prepared food is usually taken in a cruise and a place for their cooking is called a caboose. In the rest, everything is usual and familiar. The yacht has a plate (usually a gas, with 2-4 burners), refrigerator and a necessary dish set.

The basic rules of the behavior in the kitchen

Cooking is recommended at the time of the parking of yachts, as during the transition even at the most comfortable ship, can be felt a slight shaking. If a personal comfort is not affected, the process of working with the products can be quite difficult. In addition, all appliances, glasses and dishes should be taken away in the cupboards after the use.

Planning a ration

Nutrition on a yacht can be as varied as it can be at home. To do this, you must correctly plan a diet based on taste preferences and number of travelers. Approximate calculations for 1 portion are, starting from the following standards:

  1. canned goods - 200 g;
  2. meat - 200 g;
  3. fresh vegetables - 100 g;
  4. pasta - 120 g;
  5. grits - 60 g.

It is recommended to include a maximum of fruits and vegetables as well as fish and seafood in the ration during the cruise. The food should be light. It is advisable to replace frying cooking in the oven or double boiler, because the food made in a pan, increases susceptibility to seasickness.

Speaking about the provisions, a special attention to drinking water is paid. The required minimum amount of human - 1.5 liter per day. When traveling with children, it is worth thinking about sweets for them; since it is not in every port (especially in exotic countries) can find their favorite chocolates and other goodies.

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