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Rest on a super-yacht


Rest on a super-yacht

Cruises are attractive because they combine several types of leisure activities. Heading to a destination, the passengers are already having a rest, unlike the flights on the plane, for example. In addition, it is possible to see the other side of your favorite or brand new country - from water. To make your journey as comfortable and fun as it's possible, you should choose vacation on a super-yacht. It is easy to conquer unexplored countries, to spend days in the open sea with great interest and to organize noisy parties.

Why is it worth to choose a super-yacht?

The super-yacht is a fashionable "hotel" on the water, which includes everything that the most demanding passenger can ever wish. A luxury cinema with an effect of three- D sound and three-dimensional visualization, a huge swimming pool with wave currents, slides and attractions, modern gym, game room and a restaurant- all is available on the board side. Separate rooms for an individual staff are provided on the luxury yachts (for example for a baby-sitter). On the most expensive shipboards in the world there are helipads and water parks. Each of them has its own distinctive feature and sometimes it has several. It's enough to tell the employees of the "Prime Yachting" about your preferences and they will pick up something special for any occasion.

Leisure options on a super-yacht

For a cruise on a comfortable boat, you can select almost any route. It can be a gastronomic tour with fishing and cooking directly in the restaurant "on the water"; charter for wine lovers. Many modern super-yachts are equipped with not only wine rooms, but also with high-grade wine cellars. For those, who are keen on extreme sports, there is a plenty of interesting options. For example, to arrange races on scooters can be right in the open sea (at allowable locations). Individual rooms are provided for the storage of necessary sport equipment.

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