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Yacht charter in Martinique

The best time for sailing

from December to May


French, English

The average temperature

+ 25 °С



The average temperature on the coast

+ 27°С


French Visa

The average water temperature

+ 24°С

Prevailing wind


General information

The island of Martinique as well as possible captures the true French spirits. A piece of France in the middle of the Caribbean Sea attracts sophisticated fans of rest: here You will find fashionable boutiques, refined French cuisine, and romantic evenings on the beaches.

Despite its belonging to France, Martinique has gained some individuality and originality. The island absorbed a part of the Caribbean culture: fiery dances, colorful carnivals and truly island entertainments which attract travelers from around the world.

Charter of a luxury yacht will become the great start for exploring the island of Martinique.

Beach rest in Martinique

Martinique has a fairly picturesque coastline.

Sandy beaches with white and black volcanic sand of the Caribbean French Riviera attract tourists to stretch under the warm sun, close their eyes and enjoy the sound of the sea surf. Sprawling palm trees, magnificent floral gardens, banana and pineapple plantations surround numerous beaches of the island.

Martinique has a volcanic origin. The mountainous terrain, cozy bays and lagoons with crystal clear water will provide an excellent opportunity to retire and to enjoy a beach rest away from civilization and noise of the cities.


One of the most popular sports in the French tropics is yachting.

Traveling on a comfortable VIP-yacht, you will be able to explore numerous sights of the island, to admire sea views, to plunge with an aqualung into surprising underwater world, to fish from a board of your yacht or to sunbathe on the deck.

The diving will be especially interesting. In the depths of the Caribbean Sea You will be able to admire exotic flora and fauna, and also to explore the numerous sunken pirate ships.

In this area are carried out sailing regattas in which anyone can take part. Competitions take the breath away even from the spectator tribune.

Active rest and entertainments

Martinique is a Paradise for lovers of active rest. Exciting nightlife, numerous boutiques and fashionable shops in the best traditions of French fashion, plenty of restaurants and other places of entertainment for tourists accustomed to high quality service and top vacation spots.

Walk around the island will plunge You into the world of untouched nature and hot tropics. In Martinique very popular are surfing, snorkeling and golf.

Local restaurants differ in high quality service and the refined ethnic cuisine which contains the best traditions of the Caribbean and French cuisine. The most tasty dishes, refined wines, excellent service and panoramic views of the sleeping volcano or a coastal zone will leave bright memories of the vacation.

By nightfall, Martinique opens for the guests the Caribbean undertone. Carnivals, traditional music, colorful costume parades, dancing and exotic drinks. Elite VIP-clubs and bars will become a pleasant addition to Your journey.


In the northern part of the island is located the most dangerous attraction of Martinique, the Mount Pelée volcano. The majestic volcano is considered dormant, while the rest are extinct.

A huge number of attractions, preserved on the island, will make Your tour really interesting. Even a week would not be enough to visit all the riches of the island: the History Museum, the Museum of Folk and Traditional Arts, the Museum of rum in Saint Marie, the Museum of Gauguin, exotic aquarium, geological and botanical galleries, old churches, the Greenhouse of butterflies and the flower park.

Traveling on a luxury yacht, visit the Caravelle Peninsula. It is famous for the best coastline. Here are located the most popular beaches. And over the peninsula majestically towers the construction of the Chateau Dubuque, outwardly similar to the knight's castle in miniature.

Charter of a luxury yacht will become the beginning of a magnificent holiday in the conditions of luxury and comfort. Bright emotions, high quality service and picturesque landscapes will make Your holiday unforgettable and really grandiose!

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