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Аренда яхты на Сент-Мартине и Сент-Бартсе

Countries and general information about the region

The islands of St. Martin and St. Barts (St. Barthelemy) will become the perfect place for carrying out a relaxing holiday on a luxury yacht, as they are famous for VIP resorts, high quality service and paradise landscapes.

Islands at the same time are in possession of two states - France and the Netherlands. Despite such territorial division, traveling between the islands aboard a rented luxury yacht will not become a problem. On the contrary, such cultural combination opens for you an opportunity at once to get acquainted with cultures of two countries. In the morning You can enjoy a cup of strong coffee with the French croissants and in the evening relax onboard Your luxury yacht with a glass of refined wine and slices of fresh Dutch cheese.

Charter of super-yachts on the island of St. Martin

Lovers of a relaxing holiday will be pleased with gorgeous white sand beaches and azure shores. Renting a mega-yacht You can sunbathe on white sandy beaches, enjoy exotic cocktails and admire the unsurpassed beauty of tropics.

Going to the island of St. Martin, be sure to organize yourself a shopping tour. This is the duty free area that will allow You to stroll through the boutiques of famous brands and to buy modern technical gadgets at attractive prices

The Dutch side of the island is the perfect place for the "party" rest. Numerous night clubs, discos, casinos and VIP bars will not allow You to get bored during the stay.

Charter of super-yachts on the island of St. Barts

The island of St. Barts gained the reputation of the "Caribbean Saint-Tropez". This is exactly where all the richest people of the world gather: movie and music stars, top models and oligarchs. Indeed, the island can brag about the best service in the entire Caribbean Region.

Renting an elite yacht, you will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of hot tropics and magnificent beaches with high quality service, luxurious restaurants and numerous entertainment programs which are offered to guests of the island.

The restaurants of the island should be noted especially. On the island of St. Barts are located more than 80 luxurious restaurants offering the huge choice of dishes of the haute cuisine. Also you will get an opportunity to visit gastronomic tours and to observe competitions among chefs that are carried out on the island with an enviable regularity.

Fans of active rest can sail on a rented premium-class yacht to the numerous coral reefs in search of underwater caves and sunk ships of pirates of the Caribbean Sea. Exotic fish and sea fauna will amaze You with its beauty.

Surfing, volleyball competitions, collective and individual yoga classes, hiking and cycling: there would not be even a minute, that You will get bored in this peace of Paradise.

Despite its small size, the island has contained many stunning beaches: the Saint Jean beach, the Grand Cul de Sac Beach, the Gouverneur Beach and many others. The Petit Cul de Sac beach - a secluded lagoon in the northeast of St. Barths. This area will be perfect for relaxing on the yacht away from the noise of civilization.

Traveling on a luxury yacht you will be able to sunbathe on a deck, to admire picturesque landscapes from the board of your yacht and just to enjoy comfort and to relax.

On the island are carried out regattas which you are able to take part in. Deep-water fishing, surfing and golf are the most distinguished entertainments. The abundance of marine exotic fish makes this place perfect for diving.

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