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General information

The best time for sailing

from May to September


French, English

The average temperature

+ 21 °С



The average temperature on the coast

+ 27°С



The average water temperature

+ 25°С

Prevailing wind


The most romantic country in the world by right is considered to be France. Famous croissants, the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, the Parisian boutiques, luxury ski resorts, French Riviera and mysterious Corsica - all of this You will find in France.

This amazing country with the greatest history consists of many elite resorts which annually attract more and more tourists from all corners of the planet. The well-known French Riviera, Courchevel, Dieppe, Granville, Arcachon, Nice, Saint-Tropez and Cannes became favorite vacation spots of celebrities, politicians and oligarchs long ago. Here most likely you will meet the world famous top model or the Hollywood actor.

What to do in France?

France is a shopping Mecca. In this magnificent country gathered all world brands, boutiques of the famous designers and shops of eminent fashion houses.

In the South of France are located the extensive sandy beaches of the azure coasts and numerous facilities with impeccable service. In this part of the country You can relax on the beaches under the warm sun, go to an exciting journey in search of attractions or experience local nightlife.

Gourmets in France awaits a special surprise - in this part of Europe in concentrated the huge number of the restaurants which are included in the popular gastronomic guide of Michelin. You will get an opportunity not only to try the true taste of France, but also to visit every day a new restaurant from the list.

To nightlife lovers we recommend to visit the elite casino, trendy night bars and clubs. And Cannes will offer You an opportunity to take part in many social events famous all over the world.

Local nature really strikes with its beauty. Charter of a yacht in France, will allow you to relax in the sunshine, to swim in the clean sea, to enjoy picturesque natural landscapes and to explore the coast of the South of France.


Going to the center of the Côte d'Azur - Nice, be sure to visit the numerous museums and architectural city monuments: the square between Saleya Boulevard and squares Pierre-Gautier and Charles-Felix, the Baroque Cathedral of Saint Reparata, the well-known Opera of Nice, the Valrose Palace, the Cathedral of Saint-Martin and many other churches, palaces and museums located in this area.


On the island of Corsica you will be able to retire to the silence of the magnificent bays, to explore sights and Napoleon's figures. In the city Saint-Florent located in the western part of the island you will have an opportunity to plunge into the nightlife of modern Corsica, to try local dishes and refined wines.


Saint-Tropez - a luxury resort in the South of France. Boutiques of famous brands, luxury Pampelonne beach, where spend their rest celebrities from around the world, sailing regatta, Paradis Porsche parade and the abundance of luxury facilities make this resort truly elite. In Saint Tropez You will be able to admire the paintings at the art gallery of the Museu de l’Annonciade, to visit the "House of Butterflies", to rise to the Citadel of the 16th century or to visit the Maritime Museum located in the main tower of the Fort.

For fans of yachting we recommend to go to the Bay of Quiberon. It is the real Mecca for lovers of yachting. In this part of France are held elite yacht shows and sailing regattas in which you will be able to participate, whether you are the beginner or the professional.

Charter of a luxury yacht will become a basis of Your magnificent rest in France. Specialists of our company with great please will pick up an executive yacht for you to create the atmosphere of luxury and cosines throughout all Your travel!

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