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Аренда яхт на Сент-Люсии

General information

The best time for sailing

from November to April



The average temperature

+ 24 °С


East Caribbean dollar

The average temperature on the coast

+ 27°С


not required

The average water temperature

+ 25°С

Prevailing wind


Saint Lucia is an almond-shaped piece of tropics in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

Mountain landscape, pristine wildlife and picturesque sceneries combined with the modern high quality facilities. This place is the real Paradise for tourists: numerous tours, abundance of natural and historical attractions and trendy facilities.


Traveling on the luxury yacht around the island of Saint Lucia, you will be able to enjoy all the charm of yachting. Safe natural bays, picturesque lagoons and the coastline, stretching for more than 1100 km, will allow You to feel like a real yachtsman, regardless of your experience.

In Rodney Bay marina You without any effort will be able to moor and walk through boutiques and local souvenir shops. And the luxury restaurants offering various refined dishes and wines of the ethnic cuisine of the island will please even the most captious connoisseurs.

Sailing regattas carries out in Saint Lucia. Anyone can participate in this fascinating competition. Even staying on the spectator tribune, it is not possible not to admire all the splendor of a competition.

Travelers interested in "party" rest are expected by holidays, carnivals and festivals, each of which is full of colors, fiery music and exotic drinks.

Beach rest in Saint Lucia

The purest beaches with white and black volcanic sand will become the ideal place for sunbathing, coastal walks and romantic picnics.

The azure coasts of the island provide plenty of opportunities for active leisure.

You will be able to enjoy windsurfing, to plunge into the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea with a mask or an aqualung, and a bit later to play golf or cricket.

Sights and attractions

The highest attraction in Saint Lucia is Mount Gemi. But the greatest interest among tourists rightfully deserve two dormant volcanoes - Petit Piton and Gros Piton. Majestic volcanoes strike with the beauty. On the fertile volcanic lands lies the real jungle. The most adventurous travellers can climb to the mountain tops. The breathtaking view of the whole island and its coastal part opens from the top.

In the capital of the island of Saint Lucia- Castries You can get acquainted with the culture of the people and to admire the architectural monuments. Beautiful wooden buildings, the Cathedral of the XIX century, the stone Church of the Holy Trinity and many other richness of cultural heritage of the island will reveal its history.

We advise You to visit the Rodney Bay. This part of the island by right is considered the most beautiful. Blue waters of the Bay once attracted pirates in the early 1700s and 1800s.

Even a month would not be enough to visit all the sights of Saint Lucia: the Maria Islands Nature Reserve, St. Lucia Botanical Gardens, also known as the Diamond Botanical Gardens, local distillery, Park King George V, the Fortress Morne Fortune, the Royal Museum La-Pavilion and the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist.

Trip on a VIP-yacht to the islands of Saint Lucia will not be full without a visit to Pigeon Island. This is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea, which also is the largest National Park in the state. Here are preserved ancient British Fort.

You will be able to improve your health and relax, by visiting one of numerous spa-salons of the island. Rich natural resources of the local area are used in spa-programs for improvement and rejuvenation. Attend the well-known spa-procedures: complexes of various body wraps, baths and massages using natural mud, rich in nutrients and minerals. And a bit later bathe in mountain springs with sulfuric and boiling water.

All these procedures not only will help to relax and will restore your health, but also will fill You with energy and cheerfulness.

Specialists of our company with great pleasure will help you with the choice of the upscale yacht for your travel to the coast of Saint Lucia. With us Your holiday will become really magnificent!

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