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General information about the yacht charter in Mauritius

The best time for sailing

Practically the whole year


English, Creole, French

The average temperature

+ 25 °С


Mauritian rupee (MRS)

The average temperature on the coast

+ 27 °С


Isn’t required

The average water temperature

+ 24°С

Prevailing wind


General information about the yacht charter in Mauritius

To make your stay truly royal, and each day bright and unforgettable we advise You to rent a luxury yacht aboard which Mauritius will appear for You in absolutely new way. Every year yachting rest gains more and more fans, offering travellers a completely new level VIP-tours, which combines all the benefits of ocean cruising and a higher level of service.

Located in the western part of the Indian Ocean, to the east of Madagascar, this picturesque island is the largest of islands of the Mascarene Archipelago. The picturesque nature of the plain coastal areas, amazingly beautiful oceanic beaches and numerous bays attracting fans of privacy - this is only a part of advantages which today is ready to offer guests this picturesque corner which received glory of one of the most expensive resorts in the world.

Choosing sailing as a way of travel, You get a huge number of advantages, including:

  1. The ability to choose the desired level of comfort, because our company provides an opportunity to hire luxury yachts (motor and sailing) more than 50 meters in length and mega-catamarans.
  2. An opportunity to create your own unique program that will make your stay in Mauritius the most fascinating taking into account Your interests and desired activity level.
  3. Full freedom of movement along the coast of the country.
  4. A wide range of entertainments onboard.
  5. Even more interesting ideas for tourists wishing to get acquainted with the island, its history and culture.

If you dream to enjoy the magnificence of landscapes, to see the sunrise in the Indian Ocean or to plunge into azure waves in picturesque lonely lagoons, a travel on the yacht – the ideal choice for You! But you should not expect that it is possible to rent a really good vessel with a trained crew and guaranteed high level of service just upon arrival to Mauritius, as well as charter of yachts in the Maldives, mega-vessels of premium class are very popular in this direction and are always reserved by tourists in advance.

The program of Your rest in Mauritius on the rented yacht

The «Prime Yachting» is ready to provide you everything that is necessary for a high-quality rest on a rented yacht in Mauritius, excursions and entertainments. Regardless of what type of tourism you prefer, this heavenly spot has always something to offer:

  1. The island welcomes travelers with the fantastic beauty of tropical scenery, magnificent sandy beaches and amazingly clear water of the ocean.
  2. The guests of the island get tremendous opportunities for excursions, acquainting with the architecture, culture and natural reserves of the region.
  3. This area can also be recommended to couples who dream of an unforgettable honeymoon.
  4. Deep-water fishing and unforgettable experience of diving in the waters of the Indian Ocean.
  5. Each ship has a set of equipment for water entertainments (scooters, water-bananas, etc.).

Each vessel was checked by employees of our club and fully corresponds to the declared level of comfort and service. If You need a compact sailing yacht for rent in Mauritius, a fast modern boat or a comfortable catamaran, please contact us and we guarantee that You will be satisfied with the rest organized by our company and get the mass of unforgettable impressions from traveling and entertainments!


One of the popular entertainments of the Islands is yachting. The presence of a huge number of coral reefs and calm coastal waters allow enjoying a rest on the yacht not only to professionals but also to beginners.

Rather simple navigation near the island, allows you to travel on the luxury yacht independently choosing routes, and gives an opportunity to arrange a real adventure.

In August in Mauritius takes place the famous Regatta Mahébourg, which marks the closure of the Mauritius Shopping Fiesta.

Feel free to take part in this spectacular event. Most beginner sailors are afraid to lose. But Maebashi regatta competition is held in several categories that will allow You to compete for the title of champion, in the framework of your possibilities.

Active rest and entertainments

After long shopping surely glance in the luxurious Michelin-starred restaurants.

The cuisine of Mauritius includes the experience of different eras and cultural trends. Meat and seafood usually made with various spices and herbs, served with vegetables and rice, cooked in the best traditions of the island.

In this area serves the best black coffee. You will have an opportunity to enjoy a cup of excellent coffee, enjoying the surf at a local beach restaurant with excellent service.

Traveling on a luxury yacht, You will be able to choose the type of holiday which will please you. Diving, fishing, windsurfing or simply sunbathing on the deck of Your luxury yacht will help you to relax and gain strength.

The beaches

The beaches of Mauritius remind the covers of fashion magazines and are the hallmark of the island.

In Flic-en-Flac You can find luxury places for sunbathing surrounded by sprawling palm trees, and also you can appreciate the high quality service of local facilities.

If You are in search of a unification with nature and full isolation from the outside world, go to the eastern shore of the island. Here is the Bel-Mar, surrounded by lush tropics. Deep lagoons and natural bays make it easy to moor and go ashore and also to hide from prying eyes.

Wherever You stay, whatever beach you choose, each part of the island will leave pleasant memories of this Paradise spot in the Indian Ocean.

Sights and attractions

To get acquainted with the surprising nature and history of the island you will be able having visited numerous sights of Mauritius.

In the southwest of the island, near the village of Chamarel opens the wonderful view of the Seven Coloured Earth. Shades of red, blue, purple, green, brown, violet and yellow create a surprising wave-like pattern.

Traveling on a luxury yacht be sure to visit the cape Gris-Gris, located in the southern part of the island of Mauritius. And later go to a beautiful place called Deer Isle. Crystal clear water makes this place a center of water sports: from fishing to water parachute.

Numerous waterfalls of the island will reveal You the beauty of the natural attractions of Mauritius. The most magnificent waterfalls are: Chamarel Falls, Alexandra Falls and the Rochester and Tamarin waterfalls.

Despite its small size the island of Mauritius will become an ideal place for spending a magnificent holiday. And the yacht charter will help you to feel comfortable and will give Your holiday a touch of exclusivity and originality.

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