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General information about the yacht charter in Turkey

The best time for sailing

from May to October


Turkish, English

The average temperature

+ 25 °С


Turkish Lira

The average temperature on the coast

+ 29°С


not required

The average water temperature

+ 25°С

Prevailing wind

from South to South-West in the estuary, the North-West on the coast (Meltem)

Long ago dreamed to visit a sea cruise, but you do not like noisy life of modern hotel liners – we are ready to offer you much more than just a voyage, because charetr of yachts in Turkey will allow You to receive a maximum of impressions of a holiday, enjoying the highest level of service and comfort.

It is a country of great civilizations that left a huge cultural and architectural heritage, a country of picturesque seascapes and magnificent beaches. Of course, today this destination is one of the most popular and it is unlikely that on the coast You will be able to find a secluded quiet hotel with a mild flow of life. But renting a Mega-yacht or catamaran from the «Prime Yachting», You will get an opportunity to discover this amazing country of sun and boundless spaces of the sea in an entirely new way, to relax away from the crowded beaches, large hotels and to enjoy all the benefits of the most luxurious vessels.

Why do most wealthy Russians choose this type of travel?

  • Privacy. No importunate paparazzi or noisy neighbors.
  • Comfort. Each yacht that we provide for rent – it's a great comfortable ship onboard of which You will find: luxury cabins, bar, pool and sauna.
  • Service. Aiming to provide our clients premium-class services, we give you an opportunity to receive quality of service that does not yield to the best hotels in the world and to rent a boat with experienced crew and full team of staff.
  • A wide range of activities. Accommodation onboard will not interfere with your cultural rest and sightseeing. On the contrary, traveling by sea, You will be able to plan much more excursions: to pass the footsteps of Alexander the Great, to visit the great ruins of Troy, the Temple of Artemis and other objects included in the seven wonders of the world. To lovers of active rest and adventure tourism Turkey is ready to offer unforgettable diving, water skiing and surfing. It is worth noting that Mega-yachts offered by our Company have onboard all the necessary equipment from fishing gear to jet-skis.
  • Complete privacy. We are proud that our clients are the most famous people in the country, though we never disclose nor the names of our clients nor their preferences in terms of leisure, nor any other information.

We suggest to get acquainted with the range of models for rent in Turkey, and also to take advantage of the free help of our online consultant, get answers to any questions regarding the selection of yacht or catamaran and paperwork.

Services of charter of upscale yachts for rest in Turkey

We are ready to offer you the most advantageous conditions for charter of upscale yachts for rest in Turkey! Addressed our professionals and You will receive:

  1. Complete assistance in complex development of a unique tour along the coast of the Turkish Riviera on a magnificent Mega-yacht.
  2. The widest selection of ships, including motor and sailing vessels of compact, medium and mega sizes.
  3. A 100% guarantee of compliance of the declared level to the real conditions of accommodation and servicing.
  4. The professional service personnel ready to organize for you both an unforgettable romantic dinner and a social occasion at the highest level.
  5. The official conclusion of the agreement, approved by the Mediterranean Yachting Association MYBA.
  6. Any additional services from transfer organization or provision of Russian-speaking crew, translator or guide.

We know what should be like really unforgettable rest on the yacht corresponding to the VIP class and therefore we personally inspect each vessel that we offer for rent and we travel Turkey, choosing for you the most interesting excursions and the most fascinating routes. For years providing extra class services of charter of elite mega-yachts, we are ready to offer for your attention any tourist direction (yacht charter in Spain, Italy, Greece and the Maldives).

To learn in more detail about how yacht charter in Turkey is organized, what can be the program of your travel and what additional opportunities are given to You as a tourist, if you choose yachting, it is possible, you can apply to our professional online consultants or visit our Moscow office. To get advice, and find out whether there is a possibility of reservation of the favorite vessel for desired date it is also possible by phone: +7 (985) 922-77-95 and +7 (495) 922-77-95.


In Turkey fans of shopping will be able not only to go to boutiques and shops of the known world brands, but also to visit the famous Turkish bazaars.

Most favorable city for shopping tour is Istanbul. In this part of Turkey is located the biggest indoor market or the Grand Bazaar, which occupies a quarter of the old part of Istanbul. Despite the name "market" this place is an independent town with bright streets, the whole avenues of shops, abundance of restaurants of different classes (from light bistros to trendy restaurants), bars and many entertainment centers and spa-salons. Gourmets will be able to enjoy delightful Turkish cuisine which is among the three best cuisines in the world.

The Aegean coast

Traveling on a luxury yacht along the Aegean coast, you will be able not only to enjoy high quality beach rest, but also to explore local sights and monuments bearing in themselves historical value.

The ancient city of Izmir contains a huge number of the known places on survey of which you will spend more than a day. Here are located: the Ancient fortress of the warlord, who served Alexander the Great, marble columns of the Agora, the tomb of the mother of Ataturk, the baths of the goddess Diana, the mausoleum of Tantalum and many other historical sights.

The Aegean coast is simply impregnated with antiquity and legends. The well-known temple of Artemis located in Efis will transfer you to a legend of the Herostratus. Also we advise to visit Dalyan, Miletus, Didyma and Cleopatra Island. , And having visited seaport and towers of the Kusadasi fortress, You will be able to plunge into the era of the pirate Barbarossa.

Mosques in Turkey deserve a special attention. Being not only the temples, but also the masterpieces of Turkish architecture, mosques in Turkey delight tourists with the beauty and originality.

Nature and improving springs of Turkey

If you are in search of unification with nature, then in Turkey you are able to walk along the promenade, to relax on golden beaches breathing salty sea air, to admire mountain tops and to visit calcium springs of Pamukkale. Thrill seekers can go rafting so popular in this area.

You will be able to improve your health in numerous mineral, mud and thermal sources and even to bathe in the famous pool of the very Queen Cleopatra.

In the heart of Turkey lies the region of Cappadocia. The unique natural formations of this area are included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Venturing to the southwest part of the country, you will come to the beach Iztuzu, known for its six-kilometer sandy strip. And if you are lucky, perhaps, You will meet sea turtles Caretta caretta.

Specialists of our company will help you to pick up a high quality yacht for your travel in Turkey. With us your rest will become fantastic and unforgettable!

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