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C нами арендовали уже 247 мега яхт.
Тел.: +7 (495) 922-77-95
+7 (985) 922-77-95
E-mail: info@prime-yachting.com
Адрес: г. Москва, ул. Рождественка, д. 5/7, стр. 2

About the company


Our employees are professionals in the field of sailing on Premium-class yachts.

We provide services of the highest quality that is why our company representatives personally inspect luxury yachts that we offer.

We cooperate with the world's leading yacht companies.

Our company provides services of international standards, that is why for the rental of each yacht with our customers we conclude the agreement approved by the MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Association), which is applied worldwide in the contractual charter relations on luxury yachts.

In addition, the «Prime Yachting» is an ITAP member (International Tourism Association of Professionals), which confirms the high status of our services in the tourism industry.

In Russia there are several broker agencies, which sometimes even independently do not understand features of charter of elite yachts.

Founders of the «Prime Yachting» Company, having lived for many years in Europe and America, created a company that, focusing on international service quality standards, opens for the elite compatriots such a stunning way to spend a holiday as a trip on a Luxury yacht.

Our principle — we suggest only those yachts and those regions that have researched ourselves! At the same time we are not satisfied with what we have already achieved and we plan to continue to inspect mega-yachts in various corners of the world.

Entrust your vacation to «Prime Yachting» team, because You deserve the best!

Our contacts:

Тел: +7(495)922-77-95
Тел: +7(985)922-77-95
e-mail: info@prime-yachting.ru

We speak Russian, English, Italian and Spanish.

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