Saint Vincent and Grenadines
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Saint Vincent and Grenadines

General information

The best time for sailing

from the end of November to May



The average temperature

+ 27 °С


East Caribbean dollar

The average temperature on the coast

+ 29°С


not required

The average water temperature

+ 26°С

Prevailing wind


Grenada, the Grenadines and St. Vincent – three most popular resorts in the world of yachting. Blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, ideal weather conditions and a set of coral reefs do these places ideal for sailing. And numerous entertainments of islands will not allow you to get bored and will present a really unforgettable rest!

Grenada, the Grenadines and St. Vincent are parts of the Grenadines islands. Located in the Caribbean Sea, resorts attract millions of tourists from all over the world.

Untouched nature, sprawling palm trees and snow-white beaches - here you will be able to relax and have a rest from noise of a civilization and hustle of big cities. High quality service of local facilities, predisposition to active rest and a set of sights will dilute your beach rest with bright impressions.

Islands have a volcanic origin. Thanks to fertile volcanic soil, in this area located luxurious rainforests, evergreen natural parks and reserves many of which are protected by the state.

Walk through the natural sights will become a fine opportunity to get acquainted with the islands. Numerous falls with crystal-clear water, hot springs, rare species of trees and animals will dip you into the atmosphere of the real tropics.

In the Grand Etang National Park You can admire the Seven Sisters cascade of the most beautiful waterfalls. And in the depths of the park is located the Annandale waterfall with magnificent caves and lush vegetation.

Charter of a luxury yacht will become a great start of a grandiose holiday!


The Grenadines are famous for the silent bays, lagoons with blue water, coral reefs, hospitable marinas and ideal weather conditions. Sailing in the waters of the Caribbean Sea on a luxury yacht will become a true pleasure for the beginning amateur yachtsmen and pleasant time for professionals of yachting. Thanks to a close location of islands to each other and to numerous coral reefs navigation there is rather simple even for the beginning fans of yachting.

You will get a unique opportunity to admire such regattas as Bequia Easter Heineken Regatta and Carriacou Regatta Festival.

The main regatta is carried out on Easter holiday on Becky's island. This spectacular action attracts fans of yachting from around the world. You also will be able to take part or enjoy a competition from a spectator tribune. Bright emotions and cheerfulness are guaranteed!

Traveling on the VIP-yacht in the Caribbean Sea you will be able to develop Your own routes and to choose the most interesting places for excursions or measured beach rest.

Holiday in the Grenadines

Many islands are uninhabited that makes the Grenadines the ideal place for carrying out quiet beach rest. The abundance of natural bays, fine marinas and secluded lagoons will allow you to get away from things and relax on snow-white beaches.

The Islands can hardly be called partying. This resort will suit rather lovers of quiet and relaxing rest. But this does not mean that on the island You will have nothing to do.

The abundance of coastal luxurious restaurants and VIP-bars will make Your holiday interesting and "tasty". Fresh seafood, exotic fruits and vegetables cooked in the best traditions of the island - this is only a small part of the gastronomic holiday. Here serve the most delicious cocktails of local production and excellent freshly brewed beer.

Azure coasts of islands became the favorite place for fans of windsurfing, diving and fishing. Crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, soft climate and rich sea flora and fauna – all this you will find on the Grenadian islands

In holidays in this area are carried out tremendous carnivals and colorful festivals which will acquaint you with culture and customs of the island.

And on the island of Canouan, You have an opportunity to visit the casino and play golf.

Sights and attractions

Colorful coral reefs, sunken ancient ships and abundance of exotic fishes delight with its beauty and make diving so popular in Grenada. You will be able to meet dolphins, turtles and even whales living in these waters.

Also we advise you to visit the park of the sunken sculptures located in the coastal zone of Grenada.

If you love architecture and history, then visit (Sacromonte Abbey in Grenada. According to legend it was exactly here where died the first Roman bishop and the patron of the city - Saint Cecilio.

To admire works of architects of different times You can visit the Albayzín, Granada Cathedral, or the Cathedral of the Incarnation, the Palace of Charles V and the complex palace of the Alhambra.

Our team of professionals will help You with the choice of a superior yacht for Your holiday in Grenada. Individual approach and professionalism of our employees guarantees You a comfortable vacation with luxury and bright impressions of sailing in the paradise islands of Grenada.

Kingstown is the capital of the state and the largest city of the island of St. Vincent. Once belonging to Britain, the city preserved buildings made in the colonial style. Having moored a boat in the harbor on the south-west of the island of Saint Vincent, You can go sightseeing around the city. The magnificent old churches of St Mary, Saint George, Kingstown Methodist Church and Botanic Gardens will acquaint You with cultural and historical heritage of the island.

Palm avenues, luxury boutiques, shops of the known brands and souvenir shops will not allow you to get bored even for a minute.

Going to the North from the city, you will meet on the way the ruins of Fort Charlotte. In 1806 the fort has been constructed for protection of the city and the harbor, but now the Museum of history is founded here.

Sailing on the high quality yacht along the west coast of the island of St. Vincent you will be able to admire the magnificent Boleyn falls.

In the northern part of the island majestically towers the sleeping volcano of La-Soufriere . The most courageous tourists can climb to the top of this dangerous sight and enjoy tremendous views which will open to you from the mountain top.

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