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General Information

The best time for sailing

from May to September


Greek language, many speak in English

The average temperature

+ 28 °С



The average temperature on the coast

+ 28°С



The average water temperature

+ 24°С

Prevailing wind

North (Meltemi)

In Greece every tourist will find something after his own heart: history buffs will be interested in the numerous sights of Greece, women of fashion will please themselves with shopping, gourmets will enjoy the Greek cuisine and lovers of relaxing holidays will appreciate resort hotels with impeccable service and azure shores of local beaches.

It is the country with great history, fantastically beautiful architecture, magnificent cuisine and a set of boutiques of the world famous brands.

Traveling on a luxury yacht, you not only will relax and get bright emotions, but also you will be able to visit numerous islands of Greece. And the self-formation of routes will allow you to spend the vacation of your dream.


Athens – the capital of Greece, the city with rich history and culture where you will be able to spend unforgettable time, studying the homeland of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. In the heart of Greece you will be able to admire the Acropolis from the Parthenon and to estimate the impressive charm of Daphni Monastery.

One of the reasons to visit Athens – an opportunity to arrange a truly spectacular shopping tour. Luxurious shops, boutiques of the famous fashion houses and the terribly long shopping streets will not leave indifferent any woman of fashion.

Lovers of magnificent fur coats and fur products should visit the ancient city of Kastoria where you will be able to find something to taste of products of local fashion designers.

Walk through the shopping areas, dinner at fine Greek restaurants, noted in the Michelin Red guide, and night life of Athens will complement your stay with pleasant memories of modern Greece.

On the Athenian Riviera you are expected by comfortable rest in the luxury hotels and magnificent villas located on the coast. High-quality service, comfort and the abundance of refined exquisite restaurants will close you to a maximum relaxation. Throughout the entire coast of Riviera you will be able to travel on the VIP yacht, to enjoy a sea surface and to sunbathe under the warm Greek sun.

The Island of Crete

The coast of the island of Crete is washed by three seas: Ionian, Cretan and Libyan. Traveling on a luxury yacht, you will be able to choose the quietest bay and to immerse into mythical history of one of the largest and mysterious islands of Greece.

Numerous sights of the island of Crete from year to year attract tourists and lovers of history and mythology. The Venetian castle, the Church of St. Mark, the Cathedral of Saint Minas, the Palace of Knossos, the Labyrinth and the mysterious cave of Zeus will give You the chance to experience the richness of Greek culture.

Elite hotels and restaurants of the island will allow you to plunge into the world of luxury and impeccable service. You will be able to relax under the scorching sun on the local beaches, enjoying exotic cocktails.

The Saronic Islands

The Saronic Islands are one of the most popular places in all of Greece after Athens. Protected from strong winds, the island is the best place to spend a memorable holiday and discover the beauty of local nature.

Here you can enjoy hiking or cycling on the island of Hydra, visit the famous ruins of Poseidon dated back to the VI century BC located on the island of Poros and feel the atmosphere of the medieval monastery of the Life-giving Spring with holy water. Lovers of architectural mixes of different styles are waited by a fascinating walk through the areas of Spetses, and the island of Aegina will acquaint you with the exciting beauty of the Temple of Aphaia.

The Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are located in the South-West of Greece in the expanse of the Ionian Sea. Charter of a mega-yacht will open for you an opportunity to visit the largest islands such as Corfu, Paxos, Zakynthos, Kythira, Lefkada, Kerkyra and Kefalonia.

For many centuries, the Ionian Islands were the object of medieval disputes between Venice, Byzantium, Naples and other neighboring states. Even currently you will be able to observe the mixture of various architectural directions and cultures.

Fans of literature will not stay indifferent, having visited the island of Corfu called by Shakespeare as "passionate paradise garden". And a visit to Kefalonia will take you to the scene of the famous "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" by Louis de Bernières.

Rich fauna, magnificent nature and numerous architectural monuments soaked with history will create a truly Greek mood and will make your holiday unforgettable. Traveling on the yacht, you will be able to dive with mask in search of tropical fish, sea turtles and octopuses inhabiting expanses of the Ionian Sea. Also you will get an opportunity to meet seals near the island of Zakynthos.


The Archipelago of Cyclades located in the Aegean Sea is 220 islands, the largest of which are Paros, Syros, Sifnos, Delos, Mykonos and Santorini. Visit Paros with its snow-white houses and blue-domed churches, a volcanic caldera and beaches with black sand of Santorini, enjoy the famous nightlife of Mykonos, and do not pass by the mythological birthplace of Apollon and Artemis - the island of Delos. Cyclades is always crystal-clear water, friendly people and breathtaking views.


Dodecanese (from the Greek word "twelve") is a chain of 12 large and 120 small islands located off the coast of Turkey in the southeast part of the Aegean Sea. Patmos, Rhodes, Kos - are not only magnificent landscapes and buildings of a peculiar architecture, but also reserved places. You will be surely impressed by the castle of the Order of Hospitallers in the old town of Rhodes, a dormant volcano on the island of Nissyros, the settlement of artists in Lindos, the ancient place of worship of God Asclepius and the medical school of Hippocrates on the Kos and Patmos – the place where John the Apostle wrote the book of Revelation.

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