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How to rent a yacht?


How to rent a yacht?

Many people are interested in how to rent a yacht, because cruise is a great way to organize a family entertainment, parties and corporate events. Worries about the preparation of this trip are fully fallen upon the employees of the "Prime Yachting". However, there are some shades that should be prescribed with a consultant. So it will be easier to choose the optimal ship - some of them are available in restricted water areas. Furthermore, they differ in specifics of the passage, capacity and the range of available services. For example, it's more interesting for fans of yachting to walk under sail; for more comfortable holiday with children, there is an optimally motorized boat, catamarans provide the convenience combined with affordable price. VIP-level yachts under any queries of guests are presented in the collection of the "Prime Yachting".

What to pay attention to when renting a yacht

Choosing a suitable vessel, start from the number of guests. In addition, take into account:

  1. boat length. Catamarans are divided into groups of 18 meters, yachts - by 20. Generally, the larger size of the vessel, the higher price;
  2. cabin arrangement. The most comfortable and spacious are considered the type of room Master. They have a bathroom / jacuzzi. Equally comfortable, but less spacious is a cabin type VIP. Next are Guests or Double with a double bed, Twin with twin / one-and-a-half beds;
  3. the age of the boat. The newer ship, the better it is. No one disputes about it, however, yachts, unlike cars or aircraft are not subject to aging. Boats that are regularly used for commercial purposes are inspected before each departure from the port, are maintained in the perfect condition.

Be aware of these shades is helpful, but it's not necessary, because all these questions you can ask employees of the "Prime Yachting". For registration of your charter it is enough to contact our broker. Experienced highly-qualified expert will recommend interesting routes, taking into account the client's requests, climatic features, seasonal trends. He will help you choose a suitable vessel and will ensure the safety of traveling. After solving all organizational issues the parties sign the contract, and a team of the "Prime Yachting" Company starts preparing for the charter.

Знать об этих нюансах полезно, но вовсе не обязательно, ведь все вопросы можно задать сотрудникам «Прайм-Яхтинг». Для оформления аренды достаточно связаться с нашим брокером. Опытный высококвалифицированный эксперт порекомендуем интересные маршруты с учетом запросов клиента, климатических особенностей, сезонных течений. Он поможет подобрать подходящее судно и обеспечит безопасность в путешествии. После решения всех организационных моментов стороны подписывают договор, и команда «Прайм-Яхтинг» приступает к подготовке к чартеру.

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