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General information about the yacht charter in Antigua and Barbuda

The best time for sailing




The average temperature

+ 25 °С


East Caribbean dollar

The average temperature on the coast

+ 28°С


not required

The average water temperature

+ 24°С

Prevailing wind


Antigua and Barbuda - a country in the Caribbean Sea, located on three large islands of Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda. Every year this hospitable country welcomes millions of tourists from around the world.

Antigua and Barbuda is famous all around the world for its hospitable marines, cozy bays near sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Not for nothing this country is considered as one of the most favorable places for yachting in the whole world. Safe natural bays allow enjoying yachting not only professionals, but also beginners of this sport.

What is so attractive in these Islands?

World famous events carry out in this area: Antigua Boat Show, Antigua Sailing Week. Such abundance of events attracts more and more successful people. Here you will be able to meet famous oligarchs and celebrities who decided to spend the vacation in this piece of heaven on Earth.

Charter of a luxury yacht will allow you to experience all the charm of VIP-vacation. You will get an opportunity to enjoy picturesque natural landscapes of the island, to admire mangrove and rainforests, to sunbathe on the deck of your luxury yacht and to take a dip into turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The island of Antigua

The set of entertainments for lovers of a luxury holiday with high quality service settled down on the island.

A huge number of fashionable restaurants will allow you to get acquainted with the ethnic cuisine of the country and to taste refined wines of the island.

Golf club, diving center, casino and of course yacht-clubs. In this area annually organizes the world regatta in which you will be able to act as the participant or just to enjoy a competition from a spectator tribune.

To fans of windsurfing we recommend to go to the Dickenson Bay which is one of the world centers of this sport. We also advise you also to visit the Marina-Bay lagoon, where you will have an opportunity to swim with friendly dolphins.

You will be able to see numerous carnivals and the Jazz festival, and a bit later to walk on the extensive coastline with snow-white beaches and picturesque landscapes.

In search of historical sights we recommend to go to the southern part of Antigua where settled down the Falmouth Harbor and English Harbor. In this area preserved colonial fortifications and the English naval base of the XVII century, where the military career of Admiral Nelson began.

The city of St. John's

St. John's – the capital of Antigua and Barbuda. Here you will be able to go shopping. In this area are concentrated the shops and boutiques representing the huge selection of jewelry, gemstones, including the world-famous Colombian emeralds.

In St. John's preserved architectural landmarks that will allow You to get acquainted with the history of the country and to experience the true spirit of the island. You can visit the National Museum, the Anglican Cathedral of St. John, and the Fort James. Fans of drive are expected by VIP-class night clubs and one of the largest casinos of the island - the King's Casino.

The island of Barbuda

The well-known folk festival of Caribana which is held on the island Barbuda with an enviable regularity will dip you into the atmosphere of celebration and fun. And to dilute the hustle and noise of civilization with tranquility and the enchanting sounds of nature you will be able while walking on the world famous Long Beach with pink sand, stretched for eight kilometers. This beach is included into a top of the most beautiful coasts of the world.

Lovers of hiking and natural landscapes will be satisfied by visiting the western part of the island, so popular with abundance of caves and variety of sea birds, lizards, turtles and many other exotic animals.

One of the most mysterious and mournful sights of the island of Barbuda is the Devil's Bridge, where runaway slaves found the eternal freedom in the ocean depths.

Specialists of our company will help You to pick up the luxury yacht for Your travel along the coast of Antigua and Barbuda. We guarantee You the ideal vacation with a mass of unforgettable experiences in the conditions of the increased comfort.

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