Comfortable and safe rest with children on a yacht
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Comfortable and safe holiday on a yacht with children


Comfortable and safe rest with children on a yacht

Boat trips and cruises are an excellent entertainment for people of all ages. Such a trip will be especially warm and memorable in the event that you go into it with your whole family. Routes that are developed in the "Prime Yachting" are absolutely safe for even the youngest passengers. Our experts select the best ports and swimming areas, anchorages. They give practical advice on how to make the most comfortable and interesting rest ever.

Practical recommendations for those who plan to rest with children on a yacht

Children on a yacht must be under constant and intent control of their parents. There is an individual life jacket for each child, which is perfectly suiting. This will ensure the safety. As for the comfort, parents should prepare in advance :

  1. medicine box with a plaster, sanitizer, sunblock, remedy for baby-rocking
  2. comfortable children shoes with non-slip soles, preferably, without laces for minimizing the risk of injury
  3. headwear- in the thick of a summer day, it'll protect from sunstroke
  4. warm clothes - fresh sea breeze combined with longtime water treatments may cause a hypothermia, a child must have enough dry clothes ( an additional swimming suit and a windbreaker)
  5. food - children's meals should be light and frequent, with plenty of fruit and fat lows (they can increase liability to sea sickness)
  6. entertainment - no matter how fascinating a cruise is , children need frequent change of activity. Not to have to urgently return to the shore, it is worth to bring board games, coloring books, tablet with your favorite cartoons.

The optimal age for traveling on a yacht

One-day or few-hours cruises are safe for children of any age. If you are planning to visit several countries and preparing for long cruises, it's better to leave the kids of preschool age at home. Doctors and psychologists advise to take 10-year old children and older with you on a multi-day vacation on a yacht. Certainly, these are basic recommendations. They may vary according to the kind, interests, and characteristics of behavior and health of each child.

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