Choosing a yacht for а charter
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Choosing a yacht for а charter


The correct choice of yachts for а freight is a process, the outcome of which will largely depend on whether all the details and intricacies of this case were studied in advance. We offer to choose the appropriate option from the motor and sailing yachts of different lengths (from 35 to 60 meters). The first ones provide excellent maneuverability, ideal for a family vacation. The second ones will allow to plunge into the exciting atmosphere of adventure. For large companies with high expectations of service, a super-yacht will be a good choice. Each vessel is being tested before the dispatch. The "Prime Yachting" experts recommend the optimum for a particular journey, the number of passengers.

Benefits and features of sailing models of different lengths

  • Less than 40 meters
  • Testing unprecedented sense of speed, oncoming breeze and still feel safe and enjoy the comfort on smaller sailing yachts up to 40 meters long. They are equipped with a powerful engine and reach speeds up to 12 knots. If you wish to stay in the bay, it's enough to use the centerboard. On board, whose capacity is 12 people, there is a sports equipment for water sports.

  • More than 40 meters
  • Travel under sail - it's always exciting and very interesting. On larger boats with wide decks is easy to feel as harmoniously combines high speed and comfort. Maneuverability is provided by the equipment assembled with the latest technology. A team of 12 people is responsible for the highest quality service and does everything to make your stay an unforgettable.

Main characteristics of motor yachts

  • Less than 35 meters in length
  • Voyage, combining a high level of service, pleasant atmosphere and the spirit of adventure, can be taken on a motor yacht of 35 meters in length. With a compact size, these boats have a huge advantage: they can go to places of parking, which would not be able for bigger ships. At the same time they are quite spacious - they have 12 seats.

  • Length from 35 to 50 meters
  • The crew of 10 people is ready to give their guests the highest level of comfort and an exciting journey at high speeds. Models with a streamlined body accelerate at more than 20 knots. Lovers of walks can look to the water crafts with a large displacement, which are designed for the passage of significant distances at night. For 12 guests board provides a Jacuzzi, fitness equipment. Yachts for freight from 35 to 50 meters long are ideal for those who appreciate high quality and stylish holiday.

  • Super-yachts from 50 to 60 meters
  • Larger size yachts are suitable for those looking for a vacation with the royal measured flow. Such vessels are often rented for entertainment and holidays. With a comfortable speed (about 14 knots) and large displacement yacht is resistant to disturbances in the parking lot and measured by water displacement.

Facilities and comfort of mega-yachts

An unforgettable vacation at sea on a par with the five-star hotel is a journey to the mega-yacht. On the roomy boat can be easily organized an important family event, an informal meeting or corporate event for a large number of friends. Anyone, even the most sophisticated guest will find something to their liking. On board we are equipped and ready to use the pool, gym, luxury casinos, massage rooms, jacuzzi and even a business center. And this is not a complete list of the benefits that the lessee of a mega-yacht receives.

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