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The best time for sailing

April – November


Greek, English

The average temperature

+ 25 °С


Euro (EUR)

The average temperature on the coast

+ 30°С


national visa of the Republic of Cyprus / Schengen multivisa

The average water temperature

+ 25°С

Prevailing wind


If you want to receive a lot of bright unforgettable impressions, we recommend You to choose such option as yacht charter in Cyprus. Even if you already had explored this legendary island and the cruise for you is not a novel form of rest, a travel along the coast of Cyprus on the magnificent yacht will allow to look absolutely in a new way on the magnificence of its wonderful nature and to open previously unknown corners of the country.

Being the third largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is ready to please guests with wonderful warm weather 300 days a year, because the season in this popular tourist destination lasts from April to November. The undeniable advantage of the island is the development of the tourism sector. The «Prime Yachting» can confidently say that in this Mediterranean island lovers of different types of fun will find plenty of interesting entertainments.

  1. Fans of beaches will open for themselves picturesque corners of the coast and will be able to enjoy bathing in the open sea.
  2. Young couples who decided to rent a yacht for a romantic journey to Cyprus will forever remember the magnificence of sunrises and sunsets, a travel to the rocks of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.
  3. Tourists wishing to fill every day of the vacation with interesting excursions can visit numerous monuments included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.
  4. Lovers of extreme activities can enjoy diving, surfing and jet-skiing.

On customer request it is possible to organize hiking and cycling trips, shopping, visiting of the most luxurious restaurants and various entertainment centers. Regardless of whether You need a small compact sailing yacht for rent or a huge luxurious catamaran for a cruise around Cyprus, we offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation and high level of service. Due to the fact that our company established links with the largest clubs in the world, for clients of the Yacht Travel Club we can offer an opportunity to rent a yacht in any tourist destination.

Rest in Cyprus on a rented yacht

Even if you already had a chance to relax in the best corners of the Eastern Mediterranean, rest in Cyprus on a rented yacht will present you a mass of bright impressions! Connoisseurs of premium-class yachting know that this type of tourism opens for travelers unlimited possibilities to move along the coast of the country, to visit big cities and to have a lonely meditation in magnificent corners of the wild nature.

We are here to do everything that Your vacation passed at the highest level. In addition to the yacht charter, our company can undertake the organization of a VIP-level transfer, the provision of air transport (helicopter transportation) and language matters (constant support of an interpreter).

We ensure that the real level of service provided by our company fully meets the stated level, and the staff knows how to receive clients of the highest rank, as each yacht is personally inspected by experienced employees of our company.

If you are interested in charter of a luxury yacht and in a cruise of the highest level in such sunny and hospitable country as Cyprus, please contact us by phone: +7 (495) 922-77-95 or +7 (985) 922-77-95 and our team will organize everything that will be required for Your rest on waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Protaras and Paphos

At Protaras and Paphos You will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Exotic fauna and picturesque landscapes, white sandy beaches and azure coast will help you to relax and have a rest from the troubles of everyday life and noise of the big city.

And for those who do not like to sit still local areas will open opportunities for diving, fishing and catching octopuses in the largest resorts in the South Cyprus: Larnaca, Paphos, Limassol, Ayia Napa, Protaras. Numerous feasts, fairs and festivals will leave bright memories of life of modern Cyprus and nightlife lovers will find numerous entertainments of elite night clubs. A pleasant addition to Your holiday will be a variety of fine restaurants and taverns with local food and drinks. You will be able to participate in tasting of Cypriot wines and enjoy exotic fruits, and maybe even visit the local water Park in Ayia Napa.

Charter of a luxury yacht in Cyprus will allow you to have a rest in conditions of the increased comfort, to admire sea views and to plunge into the surprising history of the island impregnated with myths and legends. The island state of Cyprus located in East Mediterranean attracts more and more travelers in this piece of paradise on Earth from year to year. Rest on Cyprus is so various that each tourist will be able to spend a dream-vacation.

So, the lovers of cultural activities can visit sightseeing tours in Cyprus and its coast. The island saved sights of different epochs and cultures, passing the mood of a particular time as good as possible. Tombs of the kings will allow You to get acquainted with the times of the 3rd century BC. And the magnificent Archbishop's Palace will plunge you into the architecture of the Renaissance.

Traveling on a mega-yacht, you will be able to visit mysterious rocks of Aphrodite. According to ancient myths here the goddess of beauty and love "came out of the sea foam".

You will be able to take a dip in the baths of Adonis near Paphos. According to legend, here bathed the God of beauty and his lover Aphrodite.

Visit of the reserved Akamas Peninsula included in the UNESCO world heritage list will leave bright memories of one of the most beautiful places on the entire island. Foot and bicycle walks, lonely bays, exploring of the magnificent nature and a variety of fauna will allow you to relax far from the bustle of the modern world. Among vineyards and citrus groves settled down the ancient city of Kourion. This place is the highest topographical point of the island. Destroyed by earthquakes, the city saved ancient archaeological sights.

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