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General information about the yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands

The best time for sailing




The average temperature

+ 26 °С


United States Dollar (US$)

The average temperature on the coast

+ 28°С


is issued at the Embassy of Great Britain

The average water temperature

+ 24°С

Prevailing wind


The British Virgin Islands located in the northeast part of the Caribbean Sea consist of four large islands (Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke) and sets of small islands some of which are not inhabited.

Lush green hills, picturesque valleys, huge number of safe natural harbors and a chain of reefs stretching along the coast - all this You can enjoy in the British Virgin Islands. Welcoming marinas, sandy beaches and clear waters of the Caribbean Sea make this island truly ideal for yachting and sailing. Natural quiet bays will allow You to hide away from the civilized world and relax under the warm Caribbean sun. Not for nothing many years ago, these Islands served as a refuge for Berber pirates.

Sailing on the luxury yacht, You will be able to experience all the beauty of the coast of the Virgin archipelago. For fans of lonely rest it will be especially pleasant to enjoy the soft sunshine from the deck of a comfortable yacht.

What to do on the Islands?

Thanks to the geographical location, islands became popular among fans of beach rest, diving, windsurfing and of course yachting.

The main advantages of the island for yachting activities are safe natural bays, fine marinas and rather simple navigation. Due to the short distances between the islands, sea transitions will not be a problem for beginners. Here not only the professional, but also the beginning yachtsman will be able to enjoy all the charm of yachting occupation.

The island of Virgin Gorda

Spanish Town is the main inhabited town of the island. Narrow streets and rural atmosphere of the village diluted with the beautiful ruins of old Spanish fortress of Little Fort, located in the southern part of the city. After enjoying the views of the fortress, You will get an opportunity to walk in the national Park, which occupies the territory of 36 acres.

Moving to the south of the city, You can visit the ruins of the old copper mines of the 19th century - the Copper Mine Ruins.

Among the most popular attractions of the Virgin Islands are the Baths in Virgin Gorda. Located on the South side of the Devil's Bay, Baths are the main pride of the island. These natural bathtubs created by a volcanic eruption are rich with minerals and nutrients. To take a dip in these pools will not only be pleasant but also useful for your health.

The island of Tortola

Tortola is the largest island of the British Virgin Archipelago. The mountainous terrain, blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and the endless sandy coastline will become the ideal place for long foot walks or for silent sailing along the coast.

In this area You can visit many trendy restaurants and the nightlife lovers will be able to get the drive in the VIP-clubs and beach parties which are held on the island almost every day.

Fans of fauna are waited by a special surprise - an opportunity to swim with friendly dolphins.

Road Town - the central city of the island and also its largest port.

Despite its seeming simplicity, in the city arranges the true celebrations of life: numerous festivals will plunge You into the atmosphere of fiery music and colors.

The island of Anegada

The island of Anegada - the only coral island inhabited by people. There settled down the famous salty reservoirs, several of which are under the Ramsar protection.

You will be able to admire a huge number of various fishes, the Caribbean lobsters and turtles. Here it is possible to meet a very rare animal - the Virginia cyclura, once living in Puerto Rico and its neighboring islands.

Snow-white beaches and reef with a length of 29 km, attract more and more tourists from all corners of the planet.

Fans of diving will be satisfied not only with a variety of marine fauna, but also with an opportunity to look for the wrecks of times of the Berber pirates.

Traveling on the luxury yacht, You will be able to practice diving, fishing from a deck of Your yacht, and to arrange a picnic on one of the uninhabited islands of the archipelago. The fine natural bays and snow-white beaches surrounded with palm groves will hide you from prying eyes and will allow enjoying the quiet rest.

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