How to arrange a comfortable holiday for yourself and your pet?
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How to arrange a comfortable holiday for yourself and your pet?


How to arrange a comfortable holiday for yourself and your pet?

Quite often, talking about cruises, it means traveling with the whole family, including pets. For someone they become full-fledged members, others don't have anyone to leave the animal at time of traveling. Motives may be different, and the solution is always for the owner. If it is positive, it is important to know how to do the rest on the yacht comfortable for yourself and your pet. Be ready to restrictions and checks. It's allowed to take pets not on every ship and countries have different requirements for the import of animals into their territory (quarantine legislation). It's easy not to face with difficulties if you inform the experts of the "Prime Yachting" about your intentions in advance.

Preparing to travel with a pet

It's necessary to start preparing for your trip with a visit to the vet. Your pet will be vaccinated, an exploration will be held. A doctor will recommend some medicines for motion sickness, a sedative, will fill out a medical book of an animal. In many foreign countries it's required that the animals have a chip.

After a visit to the doctor, you can start to the direct preparing. It's necessary to take enough amount of food (if it is a dry food) or to agree with the team that there were food for animal on the board. It's very important to provide an easy access to safe drinking water. Another point which is worth considering is a place for walking the animal. On many ships there are special grounds for it.

And, finally, there are several rules, you should keep while cruising:

  • Don't allow your dog to walk without the lead;
  • Limit the time in the open air during the day time, there's a high chance of getting heat stroke;
  • Treat the animal with special sprays against pests, especially if you are traveling to exotic countries;
  • Attach the plate to the collar with the contact details of the pet owner.
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