Rent a yacht in Spain
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Rent a yacht in Spain

General information

The best time for sailing

in Spain - April – October, in the Canary Islands - all year round


Spanish, English, German

The average temperature

in Spain + 20 °C, Canaries + 22°C



The average temperature on the coast

+ 27°С



The average water temperature

+ 24°С

Prevailing wind

Variable/ North and northeast "Tramontana"; Canary Islands – northeast

The «Prime Yachting» offers to your attention a following service: yacht Charter in Spain, which will allow in a completely new way discovering the coast of this beautiful country, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Today cruises is the most popular type of rest, giving an opportunity to combine: bathing in the most picturesque bays, sightseeing, shopping, visiting of fascinating excursions, diving and surfing.

This amazing European country, the tourist season of which lasts from April to October gives the amplest opportunities for the organization of a holiday of any type: family, romantic, ethnic, extreme.

This amazing European country, the tourist season of which lasts from April to October gives the amplest opportunities for the organization of a holiday of any type: family, romantic, ethnic, extreme. It will surprise travellers with warm soft climate, beautiful sea and ocean beaches, rich architecture and developed infrastructure of large cities. Choosing a Premium-class cruise on the magnificent mega-yacht, you get the mass of advantages:

  1. An opportunity to charter a yacht of any size and type with team or without, fully meeting your requirements.
  2. The independent choice of a route (in addition to mainland Spain offers the mass of unforgettable impressions from visiting picturesque Canary and Balearic Islands).
  3. The complete freedom of action without any limitations peculiar to cruise liners.
  4. The highest level of services provided by a highly skilled crew available 24 hours a day.
  5. Really unforgettable journey, mass of bright impressions and full confidentiality from our company.

Our long experience in the developing of fascinating journeys for the most famous and influential people in Russia (politicians, businessmen, show business stars) proves that we know how to make Your vacation unforgettable and full of impressions!


One of the most beautiful cities of Spain by right is Barcelona. The beauty of local attractions and historic sites is fascinating. Here You can visit the museums of Picasso and Miro, the Sagrada Familia and Gaudi houses, to see Montjuic and walk along the pedestrian street Las Ramblas and the Gothic quarter.

Fans of fashion are waited by numerous designer shops and magnificent boutiques of the well-known fashion houses. Especially popular are shoes and products of leather, marked with "Made in Spain"" since the manufacture of products made from leather is one of the oldest national crafts in Spain.

Spanish restaurants marked with Michelin stars, will fascinate you with fine wines and dishes of local cuisine.

Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands – a paradise for lovers of sea and sun. This luxury resort became one of the most popular places for yachting.

You can enjoy boat shows and visit one of the most popular regattas of the Mediterranean coast - Ruta de la Sal.

Lovers of clubbing should visit the famous Ibiza, where You will be able to get advantage of nightlife drive and spend an unforgettable time marked with VIP status.

Majorca - favorite vacation spot of travelers, celebrities and even the Royal family.

Exclusive beaches and azure coast of Majorca will allow you not only to relax on the sun, but also to try windsurfing. Visit of annual festivals and art exhibitions will fill your holiday with bright emotions.

Make sure to visit the island of Cabrera, near Majorca. Rich in history the island will immerse You in the time of Berber pirates. For sailing on a private yacht along the coast of Cabrera, you need to fill an online request.

If You wish to visit the island of Cabrera, the staff of our company will undertake efforts on registration of such permission for you.


Marbella – a luxury resort located on the Costa del Sol. Holidays in this part of Spain can afford not every tourist. Here gather very powerful and authoritative people: on the local beaches and streets You can easily meet celebrities, famous businessmen and oligarchs.

Marbella is known for its warm sea, luxury beaches, elite nightclubs, designer boutiques and popular world brands.

Gourmets will get a special surprise - the resort can boasts with four restaurants listed in the famous Michelin guide.

Our specialists will help You to choose a luxury yacht to travel to the coast of Spain. We will help you to organize a really gorgeous vacation!

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