Why do I need to rent a super yacht?
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Many travellers often choose cruises. On a comfortable super-yacht, you can get almost to any part of the globe. Such travel at the same time combines several activities: beach rest, sightseeing and gastronomy rest. Why do you need to rent a super-yacht? There are dozens of answers to this question; after all, the purpose of each cruise varies dependently on a client. But there are no doubts that cruises are one of the most comfortable types of rest.

Someone is afraid of complete isolation in the open sea far from the land, someone worries about seasickness. We want to dispel such misconceptions at once. Super-yacht is a luxury "hotel on water". Thanks to special stabilization systems, the ship is not pitching — even the wine in your glass will not move.

The advantages of renting a super yacht

The first thing that is associated with the high-speed cruise on a modern ship - prestige. This is a respectable vacation, bright and memorable. You will be able to set to it speed: to spend the whole day swimming and sunbathing, or to work out at the gym, go ashore or go diving. Experts of the «Prime Yachting» will help you to think through the best route during which you will be able to visit areas with beautiful nature, architecture, places to practice extreme sports. Other benefits of renting a super-yacht should include:

  1. an opportunity to travel with a big family or a group of friends and always be nearby;
  2. the availability of a variety of recreational activities — pool, cinema, gym, kids club, restaurant which are removed not more than for a few hundred meters from each other;
  3. health effects — the sea air is good for respiratory system and also for strengthen the immune system in general;
  4. freedom from routine and the organizational moments — travelling on a super-yacht you does not have to think about transfers or connections, finding a place for dinner and other routine matters, these concerns take on the employees of the service team;
  5. safety — the qualified broker «Prime Yachting» will select the optimal route taking into account trends, seasonality and type of the boat.
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