Аренда яхт на Амазонке, особенности отдыха на яхте на реке Амазонке | Компания «Прайм Яхтинг»
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Аренда яхты на Амазонке

General information about the cruise on the Amazon

We invite You to explore the most remote corners of nature in the world, sailing in the conditions of comfort and style.

The largest river in the world, The Amazon River, which length makes 6400 km, originates in the Andes and flows through Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and Guiana. The pool and the coastal part of the river are the world of the rich and amazing diversity and abundance of flora and fauna.

Enter this timeless world and enjoy the fantastic colors of bromeliads which make the amazing palette of the jungle.

Here the lush thickets of trees are permeated with sounds emitted by saimiris and other exotic animals, over the dark waters of the river flit fins of the Amazon River pink dolphins, and in the blue sky twinkle tanagers, kingfishers and orioles.

Indulge your curiosity, expand horizons and try the exotic flavors of international cuisine onboard a five-star ship which goes down the Amazon.

Two expedition luxury vessels with a length of 40 (Seating capacity of 24 persons in 12 cabins) and 45 (Seating capacity of 32 persons in 16 cabins) meters, offer travelers an opportunity to explore the world in conditions of maximum comfort.

You will definitely estimate huge panoramic windows in the cabins facing the waterways of the Amazon. 4 cabins can be enlarged for families.

Technological modernization and renewal of the interior in 2013 helped to keep the status of the best ship for luxury travel in the Amazon.

Spacious and comfortable motor ships will satisfy the most refined tastes thanks to the elegance and relaxed atmosphere of the recreation and restaurant areas and will present the sense of full privacy.

Onboard the vessels there are 26 crew members, including a paramedic and 4 English-speaking guides-naturalists. High professionalism of pilots and strict compliance of all the requirements will ensure full safety on the water.

Cruises start from the city of Iquitos and follow down the Amazon to the Pacaya Samiria National Park. Duration – 3, 4 and 7 days.

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