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Yacht rental in Slovenia

The best time for sailing

from June to September, but it is believed that the season for sailing is all year round


Slovenian, English

The average temperature

+ 27 °С



The average temperature on the coast

+ 24°С



The average water temperature

+ 25°С

Prevailing wind


Slovenia is a relatively young country in Central Europe gaining increasing popularity among yachtsmen.

The combination of Alpine atmosphere, pristine lakes and soft Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean and European cultures attracts more and more tourists from around the world.


One of the most popular resorts of Slovenia is Portoroz located on the Adriatic coast. Portoroz have a remotely resemblance to the French Riviera by its coastal area, abundance of luxurious facilities with high quality service and hospitality of local residents.

Night Portoroz offers a variety of options for the entertainment of tourists. Numerous bars and refined restaurants will acquaint you with incredibly tasty national dishes and wines. Even the most capricious gourmet will appreciate the local cuisine, combining the best traditions of the European countries.

Various types of rest

Thanks to the lush woods, crystal-clear lakes, sea air and untouched nature, Slovenia strongly secured the status of the European health resort.

In this amazing part of Slovenia You will be able to relax on the sandy beaches, swim in crystal clear sea waters and visit numerous improving centers and Spa programs.

In this region is located the unique center of Thai medicine in all Mediterranean, the center of thalassotherapy and numerous thermal springs.

Visit of Wellness & SPA centers offering a set of cosmetic procedures and medical improving programs after which you will feel had a rested and relaxed will become a pleasant part of Your rest.

Rental of a luxury yacht in Slovenia, will open for you the mass of opportunities to spend the dream-vacation which will leave pleasant memories, bring positive emotions and will help to improve your health.

Fans of active recreation can enjoy hiking and cycling, feel the unification with nature in the lush woods of Slovenia and explore local fauna.

Traveling on a luxury yacht, you will be able to enjoy fishing and even to have a picnic beside picturesque waterfalls or the purest Alpine lakes.

Sights and attractions

Sights of Slovenia are really unique. Here the spirit of various cultures intertwines in extensive history of the country keeping moods of different epochs. So in the capital of the country Ljubljana built on the ruins of the Roman fortress of Emona you will be able to see the Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana Cathedral officially named St. Nicholas's Church, the medieval Palace of Schweigers and the Column of the Mother of God.

We recommend You to visit a tour to the famous labyrinth of the Postojna Cave and look at the Predjama Castle, which according to legend was the seat of the robber baron Erasmus.

You will need a lot of tie to get around all the sights of Slovenia: Karst caves of Postojna, Old castle of Celje, Skocjan caves, Triglav national Park, Welensky Castle, Mercury mines of Almaden and Idrija, numerous museums and libraries.

Specialists of our company will pick up the high quality yacht for your journey in Slovenia. We will make your travel magnificent!

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