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General information

Indonesia is a fabulous place for a travel on a mega-yacht. Exotic nature is the main pearl of this country.

Indonesia is a land of legends from thousands of amazing Islands. Extent of the coastline makes about 5000 kilometers that is comparable with distance between London and Moscow. Some of the Islands are covered with dense jungle inhabited by exotic animals and birds, others are the cooling-down volcanoes.

Indonesia is surrounded by ocean, so the charter of a mega-yacht is the most optimal and comfortable way to travel between the Islands.

The exclusive routes which are specially developed for clients of the «Prime Yachting» will present you emotions of a discoverer at your visit to the desert islands and virgin beaches bordered with a fringe of coral reefs, traditional villages and impassable jungle. You will plunge into the local culture and surprising beauty of wild nature.

If you would like to become one of the few who opened for himself the amazing world of Indonesia, then you are on the right way. For rest on a mega-yacht in Indonesia the «Prime Yachting» is ready to offer you more than 11 unique routes.

For one travel to the islands it is possible to sail in waters of the Indian Ocean, the Java and Timor seas, the Banda Sea and the Celebes Sea. And everywhere from a board of your magnificent yacht will open mysterious and fascinating landscapes.

Whether You go on a luxury yacht on your honeymoon, carry out a family trip or just plan an exciting adventure with your friends, Indonesia is ready to offer every traveler a unique set of routes and facilities.

Emerald mountain peaks, smoldering volcanoes, lush rainforests, rare wildlife and stunning seascapes - this is only part of surprises awaited You in Indonesia.

When is the best time to travel to Indonesia?

On a large yacht in Indonesia, you can travel throughout the year. The western part of the country (Bali, Java, Lombok and Komodo National Park) is recommended to be visited between May to September. The East of the country (Papua, Raja Ampat and Maluku) is considered to be explored in the period from November to March.

From April to October you can make a journey from West to East and thus visit several climatic zones, see change of landscapes, cultures and the marine environment.

What to see in Indonesia?

Indonesia is the real treasury of cultures combining ancient and modern. Literally on each island it is possible to meet a unique ritual dance, a musical instrument or a temple construction.

In the region there is a great variety of geographical landscapes: on the islands of Bali and Java from a board of an elite yacht it is possible to observe boundless rice fields, but green woods will delight the eyes in Sumatra and Kalimantan, dry savannas will fascinate in the Eastern part of the archipelago, and the snow-capped peaks will meet You in Papua New Guinea.

There is rather small possibility that any other corner of the planet will be able to compete to a variety of the wild nature of the region. On the islands of Indonesia you can meet orangutans, tigers, clouded leopards, elephants, wild horses, deer, flying foxes, and of course the unique giant Komodo dragon.

Located in a coral triangle, Indonesia will please fans of immersions by the magnificent underwater world. In local waters live many species of fish and animals which are under the threat of disappearance. Meeting with them will be a real treat for fans of diving.

Rest on a mega-yacht in Indonesia will become pleasant discovery for the most exacting traveler and the hospitality and service will create the atmosphere of paradise comfort and happiness.

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